Nebraska Authors


Lincoln City Libraries

  • Amy Cao (Contributor)
  • Denise Chin (Contributor)
  • Kelsey Conrad (Student contributor)
  • Steve Cloyd (initials dsc, Editor)
  • Hailey Fischer (Student contributor)
  • Kim Jorgensen (initials kj, Editor)
  • Maggie Moore (Student contributor)
  • Jeff Tangeman (initials jt, Editor)
  • Erin Willis (initials erw), as Heritage Room curator, Erin was initiating Project lead, and supervised the project through its public launch in April, 2018. She left the Project to become Librarian at Lincoln Pius X High School in July, 2018.
  • Diane Wilson (initials dw) is current Project lead and Heritage Room curator.

Center for Digital Research in the Humanities

  • Karin Dalziel (Designer and dev lead)
  • Jessica Dussault (Programmer)
  • Greg Tunink (Programmer)
  • Katherine Walter (Consulting)
  • Laura Weakly (Data and consulting)